Your Presence is Required: A Day of Mindfulness for Behavioral Health Professionals, September 2021

Your Presence is Required:
Nurturing Your Most Powerful Therapeutic Asset
(A Day of Mindfulness for Behavioral Health Professionals)

September 17, 2021

6 hours of CE credits approved by
MN Boards of Psychology, Social Work and Nursing

Via Zoom


Of all the training we do over our careers as Behavioral Health Professionals to make us the most skillful change agents we can be, we may be overlooking our most powerful asset: our own Presence. Let’s take a pause to consider the variables that determine successful outcomes for patients, share a case study of successes and challenges, and an even deeper pause to appreciate and nurture our own presence through guided Mindfulness practices* in the good company of our peers. Come prepared to share, to receive and to be refreshed. Mindfulness skills cultivated in the provider are mindfulness skills that can be authentically shared with others. After all, it is your compassionate presence as a human being that opens the door to any effective relationship.


Paula Coyne, MA, LP, RYT

Paula Coyne, MA, LP, RYT

Your instructor is Paula Coyne, a Certified Teacher of Mindfulness -Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) who has been teaching since 2001 (Licensed Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher, MA in Clinical Psychology.)  After 30 some years of being forged and informed as a psychotherapist, she focuses now on teaching what has felt most valuable and nourishing  both for her and her clientele.

*The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and their Attitudes, Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness practices. Expect gentle movement, dress comfortably to breathe freely. We will sit, walk, stretch, and explore a practice called the body scan. Please plan to turn off your phone, and have a nice healthy lunch handy.

Date:  Friday, September 17, 2021
Time:  9:00am – 4:15pm
Location:  A Zoom link will be sent to the email address you provide in your registration

Cost:  $150, which includes the program and your Continuing Education Certificate.

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