The Delicate Lodge Vision Quest, September 3-8, 2019

The Delicate Lodge Vision Quest
Potter’s Farm, Washburn, Wisconsin

September 3-8, 2019

The Delicate Lodge is a metaphor for our consciousness. How do we tend this Delicate Lodge we have been given? The Vision Quest is a traditional and transformational experience, in and with Nature, allowing the opportunity to examine one’s life path of past, present, and into the trajectory of the future vision of one’s life purpose. Many cultures close to the earth around the world have their own unique version. This particular Vision Quest takes the form of the Journey Shield Ceremony.

It is a precious and healing gift to honor one’s life journey with the ceremony of Vision Quest. There are some who dedicate themselves to this experience every 7 years, for renewal and expansion of life purpose. It consists of five days in personal ceremony with the Mother Earth and all of Nature, each Seeker supported through daily guidance in great respect and care.

Seekers will be guided daily by Paula DancingEagle Coyne- Psychologist, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, and sanctioned as a Teacher in this Delicate Lodge tradition after more than 15 years of preparation by WhiteEagleWoman of the Delicate Lodge Tradition.

This ceremony will be tailored individually to your own needs, beginning with a conversation about your intentions, and a preparation process to be disclosed. Requirements: Emotional stability and maturity to withstand being mostly alone in one campsite while following gentle guidance through this period of time. Also needed: openness, curiosity, trust, and courage to be in a powerful inquiry with yourself and Life.

Paula Coyne, MA, LP, RYT

Paula Coyne, MA, LP, RYT

LOGISTICS: Next availability: Upon your request, to be arranged at a time that works for you and for the facilitator.

Potter’s Farm Retreat Center
75900 Potter’s Farm Road
Washburn, WI  54891


LOGISTICS: September 3-8, 2019.

Arrive Potter’s Farm by 4:00 pm September 3, 2019
Enter Vision Quest morning of September 4, 2019
Emerge Vision Quest September 8, 2019


Exchange: $1650

(includes lodging, food, all supplies and guidance throughout).

Capacity: About 6.

If you are yearning for the personal ceremony of Vision Quest:

Contact Paula DancingEagle Coyne
Next steps will be revealed.

“Tell me, what is it YOU intend to do with YOUR one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver


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