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Transformational Artistry

Paula DancingEagle has had the blessing and honor to study and gather from the depths of a number of complementary Wisdom pathways over the decades, and has gently forged them into her own unique Medicine Bundle*.

Inside this “basket” is a wellspring of knowledge and understanding that supports the creation of Ceremonies that are available as a Feast for those who come hungry and seeking Beauty. They are all based on the profound wisdom that is accessible when we drop into the power of the present moment, particularly amidst the magic of Nature. She has studied with her lineage Teachers over many years, continues to live into what she has received, and has been sanctioned to offer the ceremonies she holds.

  • Private, couples or group yoga sessions
  • Weddings (with optional preparatory Intimate Relationship coaching)
  • Rites of Passage guidance and ceremonies
  • Blessing Way Celebrations (for new parents, new babies)
  • Transformational yoga, meditation and Medicine experiences in beautiful sites around the world.
  • Wisdom Council (a powerful, old way for a circle of people to gather wisdom)
  • Relationship Council (a disciplined protocol in which 2 or more people can bring healing and understanding to their relationship)
  • Vision Quests and other healing, expanding personal ceremonies held in the beauty of Nature
  • Rainbow Lodge Ceremonies (like sweat lodges, with specific intention for transformation)
  • Qoya (Women’s sacred dance, based on the idea that through movement, we remember we are wise, wild and free)
  • Labyrinth Creation and Facilitation
  • Sacred space created around birth and death
  • Cacao and Despacho Ceremonies
  • Sacred Site journeys done in respect for and with local people, nature and culture
  • Adventure journeys on rivers and lakes
  • Silent weekend and longer meditation and yoga retreats
  • Seasonal Ceremonies honoring Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and the Cycles of the Moon
  • The 2 1/2 year long Art of Peace training includes 8 weekend ceremonies (usually at Potter’s Farm in Washburn, Wisconsin) and a week long completion ceremony (usually in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico), with ongoing instruction and guidance throughout. (See Art of Peace, in this website, for further details.) Requires a strong yearning to take Nature and an ancient Earth Wisdom tradition on as one’s Teacher.

*The training, practices and experiences that have been brought together through the alchemy of self work include doing psychotherapy with over 40 years of intensive learning with clients about human nature, wounding, and what supports healing and fosters the blooming of inherent wisdom and gifts; extensive training and daily practice in mindfulness meditation and Hatha Yoga; intensives in the Tibetan and American Books of the Dead; Medicine and shamanic training beginning in 1998 spanning California, New Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and Mexico- sipping the nectar offered by Elders who want these old powerful understandings to come forth to help transform the world-mind; prayer practice in many forms including Sundancing for 17 years, annual Kiva dreaming for 13, and daily Loving Kindness practice. And not least of all, the love, challenges and angst that come from living the “Full Catastrophe of Life” while raising children, being married for over 40 years, and journeying into Grandmotherhood. These combined experiences are offered with high discipline, deep love, and profound respect for Nature, for indigenous people, their land and culture, and for the rights, freedom and justice for All Beings Everywhere.

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