Ceremonies and Adventures

Transformational Artistry

Paula has had the blessing and honor to study and gather from the depths of a number of complementary Wisdom pathways over the decades, and has gently alchemized them into her own unique Medicine Bundle*. She is ever-inspired by her desire to see each person free to fully express their own beauty and gifts.

Inside this "basket"* of all she has gathered is a wellspring of knowledge and understanding that supports the healing and blooming of the Sacred Human. She has studied with her lineage Teachers over many years, continues to live into what she has received, and has been sanctioned to offer the ceremonies she holds and creates. Her joy of learning continues to entice her to expand and grow, always bringing new richness to her creations. The elements and energetic support for any ceremony are always here with us in each moment of awareness. They are all based on the profound wisdom that is accessible when we drop into the power of the present moment, particularly amidst the magic of Nature.

From the honey that has been gathered flow offerings like these:

Yoga Retreats and Pilgrimages held in sacred sites around the world, designed for transformation, healing, and renewal in carefully designed ceremonial flow. Created to benefit local wisdom-keepers and culture as well as the participants. Visit us at Temple Doorways to see upcoming journeys.

Weekly accessible yoga and meditation classes

Formerly at River Garden Yoga in St. Paul, and via Zoom since the pandemic began. A lovely Sun Moon Sangha has evolved with comforting and enlightening practices shared in the embrace of supportive community. Classes offered on a donation basis, with the intentions of accessibility for all. Compassionate embodiment is the key to our healing and self-empowerment. This is what our SunMoon Yoga is; being aware the best we can, moment to moment, of our feelings in this body right now, with a sense of self-compassion. We gently cultivate many pathways for this awareness, including conscious breathing, and simple movements that work for you in your body, just as you are. Poetry is often woven throughout the practices, and other readings that go to the heart of what is occurring in our lives. Send me an email if you want to try out a class and see if it fits for you.

[email protected].
We meet Tuesdays 8:30-9:30 AM CST, with an optional extra 15 minutes to stay and connect with those present.


    • "Life-changing, thank you!", is how more than one participant describes this class.
    • "Safe, inspiring, comforting, a home-base", "I am so much stronger and feel better!", "My weekly spiritual vitamin!", "I didn't know what I was missing."


Women's Movement-is-Medicine practice, based on the idea that through movement, we remember we are wise, wild and free. I fell in love with this practice because it activates my own sense of freedom, joy and sensuality! There's no way to do it wrong!  Email me for a schedule, try it out with me for FUN on Zoom. It's a donation-based offering! Created by Rochelle Schieck of MN; learn more at www.Qoya.love. "Delicious", is how a recent participant described our Qoya session.

SOL Quest

Individualized personal ceremonies and guided experiences out on the land. Traditionally called "Vision Quests", these are unique opportunities to heal and transform while cared for in an exquisitely respectful way. Available annually, usually at Potter's Farm Retreat Center, Washburn, Wisconsin. Maximum capacity is typically 6; each person in their own solo camp site.

Other Ceremonies and Practices...

  • Weddings (with optional preparatory Intimate Relationship coaching). Maximum 1x a year.
  • Rites of Passage guidance and ceremonies
  • Intuitive and Evolutionary Astrology Readings and Coaching Sessions
  • Blessing Way Celebrations (for new parents, new babies)
  • Transformational yoga, meditation and Medicine experiences in beautiful sites around the world (see above)!
  • Wisdom Council (a powerful, old way for a circle of people to gather wisdom)
  • Relationship Council (a disciplined protocol in which 2 or more people can bring healing and understanding to their relationship)
  • Vision Quests and other healing, expanding personal ceremonies held in the beauty of Nature
  • Rainbow Lodge Ceremonies (like sweat lodges, with specific intention for transformation. Each month, different planetary energies bring us their unique powers.)
  • Labyrinth Creation and Facilitation
  • Sacred space created around birth and death
  • Cacao and Despacho Ceremonies
  • Sacred Site journeys done in respect for and with local people, nature and culture (www.templedoorways.com)
  • Mindfulness adventure journeys on rivers and lakes
  • Silent weekend and longer meditation and yoga retreats (some of them for continuing ed credits).
  • Continuing Education trainings and experiences for health professionals in Mindfulness and for yoga teachers.
  • Seasonal Ceremonies honoring Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and the Cycles of the Moon
  • The 2 1/2 year long Art of Peace training includes 8 weekend ceremonies (historically at Potter's Farm in Washburn, Wisconsin) and a week long completion ceremony (historically in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico), with ongoing instruction and guidance throughout. (See Art of Peace, in this website, for further details.) Requires a strong yearning to take Nature and an ancient Earth Wisdom tradition on as one's Teacher. (Not yet planning a next cycle. Feel free to inquire though.)
  • Evolutionary and Intuitive Astrology readings are being woven into various ceremonies and Medicine coaching opportunities.

Some of the Training Sources and Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 1975, University of Memphis

Masters in Clinical Psychology, 1985, University of MN at Mankato

Licensed by the MN Board of Psychology since 1988. The training, practices and experiences that have been brought together through the alchemy of self- work include doing psychotherapy for over 40 years, transforming throughout intensive learning experiences along with clients about our shared and unique human natures, about trauma, and what supports healing and fosters the blooming of inherent wisdom and gifts. My clients have taught me more than any University ever could. I bow to you and your courage.

Extensive trauma therapy trainings including EMDR and Brainspotting and application of trauma-sensitivity in all the practices and experiences I create.

Certified by Brown University as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher in 2020 after years of training with The Center for Mindfulness at U Mass.

Certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2010 by Yoga Center of Minneapolis RYT 230+ hours; now certified by the Yoga Teachers' Alliance as an Experienced Yoga Teacher authorized to provide Continuing Education to Yoga Teachers ("YACEP").

Intensives in the Tibetan and American Books of the Dead with Rose Peterson and the Star Circle, www.coloredlighttherapy.com.

Medicine and shamanic training beginning in 1998 spanning California, New Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, MN & Mexico- sipping the nectar offered by Elders who want these old powerful understandings to come forth to help transform of world-mind consciousness. Training pathway continues.

Prayer practice in many forms including a dedication to the Sundance since 2003.

Reiki Training to master level; Qi Gong training with Spring Forest Qi Gong through Level 2.

Sanctioning in Red Lodge, Black Lodge, Rainbow Lodge, Vision Quest, the Council process, Kiva Lodge, Sundance Ceremony and as a Guardian of the Rose after 20+ years of training with my teachers & over 15 years of co-guiding learning circles.

Advanced Training for Professionals by the Center for Mind Body Medicine, 2021.

An ongoing study of astrology which adds expanded awareness of our interrelatedness with nature near AND far, fed by the wisdom of Jessa Walters and Virginia Rosenberg (jessawalters.com and virginiarosenberg.com and Sky Scholar training) as well as other brilliant astrologers.

Certified in 2022 as a Qoya Teacher by Rochelle Schieck.

And not least of all, the love, challenges and angst that come from living the "Full Catastrophe of Life" while raising children, being married for over 40 years, and journeying into Grandmothering. It is my intention to offer everything with self-discipline, humility, deep love, and profound respect for Nature, for indigenous people, their land and culture, and for the rights, freedom and justice for All Beings Everywhere.

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