The Art of Peace

The Art of Peace is a two year learning journey of growth and transformation experienced through an ancient earth wisdom tradition. We perceive ourselves through the lens of Nature, looking deeply into Her mirror to remember our innate wholeness and beauty, and then discern what is needed to access one's fullest potential of self-expression and happiness. We meet for 8 quarterly experiential weekend trainings immersed in Nature, with online communications and assignments in -between to live into the skills and tools that are introduced during each weekend session. The coherent and elegant tools that are part of this program are powerful and highly useful both in one's personal and professional life, and have been taught throughout the world in organizations such as Honeywell, 3M, Lucent Technology, Kaos Pilots and many others. They are applicable to one's personal healing journey, and Continuing Education credits have been granted for Behavioral Health Professionals for their acquisition. Having the support and camaraderie of a circle of learners (around 10) enhances the richness of the experience. A team of highly trained and dedicated guides are available throughout the 2 year journey. The location of our 8 quarterly weekend experiences has been Potter's Farm Retreat Center in Washburn, Wisconsin (near the Bayfield Peninsula of northern Wisconsin), and our 1 week completion ceremony has been in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

The 6th cycle of the Art of Peace (aka Healing the Inner Healer) was completed in 2018. We have been taking a mindful pause before beginning another cycle. Learning groups formulate out of yearning, so if this journey piques your interest, please let me know at ([email protected]).

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