SOL Quest

Woman hands praying for blessing from god on sunset background

SOL~Literally “Sun”, signifying Soul

Quest~ A  journey undertaken to find something of extraordinary value.

Across centuries and cultures, across the pages of mythic literature, the hero sets out on the epic journey.

The essential elements of a Quest:

  • The Quester feels a powerful yearning, leaves the comforts of home, bravely facing the unknown, for a compelling reason.  There is a specific destination or goal.  Challenges are met, allies appear at just the right times. The Quester draws upon hidden inner-resources and the treasure is ultimately received. Every Quest is completely unique. The Quester leaves, forever changed.
  • A SOL Quest ceremony is a precious time to be held by Nature, to digest and to heal, to remember, to be fed and nurtured by the LIGHT, by Life, and by your Helpers. It is time to blaze a revitalized path that honors your fullest gifts and that will serve you and all of Life at this transformational time of co-creation.
  • Paula Coyne has led transformational experiences as a psychologist, personal coach, earth wisdom teacher, ceremonialist, yoga, meditation and embodied mindfulness teacher with individuals and groups around the world. She offers annual SOL Quest opportunities from her heart with the benefit of more than 30 years of training and experience in respectfully guiding others toward their greatest well-being and most expanded self-expression. Skilled Assistants are also present to support the Questers in their ceremony.

More Specifics

Claim your spot by clicking the Upcoming and Current events below.

You are guided throughout the entire process from registration through integration. A unique ceremonial design will be created for each person.

  • Receive an orientation with other participants.
  • Experience your personal SOL Quest campsite, with daily guidance throughout the arc of your Quest experience. Let Nature respond to your Quest intentions.
  • Sleep, eat, rest, dream, dance, sit at your fire, listen and look. Receive the blessings of the Sun, Moon, rain, the stars, the gentle earth, the sweet forest breeze, and the forest dwellers.
  • Emerge, and receive time to integrate the gifts of your Quest.
  • Depart with the treasure of your Quest.

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