Intro to Shamanic Journeying

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Join me for a morning with Sarah Seidelmann, MD and Shamanic Healer (

April 3rd, 9 AM-11:30 AM Via Zoom.

I have been curious to study and develop shamanic journeying practices, and attended a women’s retreat with Sarah in 2018. She is enthused to offer this Intro experience with us and we’ll see what might want to emerge after that. I am delighted, as I trust Sarah and value her special gifts.

We’ll each have a chance to speak our names and what calls us to this experience. Then Sarah will drum and guide us through a shamanic journey. She shares more about what to expect both below and on her website.

Please see her list below about what to have handy.

If you’d like to claim a spot, please register by emailing me at [email protected]. Specify “Register for April 3rd” in the subject line, please. Please give me your name,  and pay the Registration fee of $65 can also ask for an address and mail me a check. Then I’ll send you the Zoom link for our session.

SARAH BAMFORD SEIDELMANN was a fourth-generation physician Sarah Seidelmann M.D. living a nature-starved, hectic lifestyle until a Sarah Seidelmann M.D. was living a hectic, nature-starved lifestyle when a walrus entered her life and changed everything. She is a shamanic healer and has trained Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is a Master Coach and instructor trained at the Martha Beck Institute, and is author of \Swimming with Elephants (Conari Press) and The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals (2018). Sarah deeply enjoys shenanagins and has led sold-out retreats combining surfing and  shamanism in Hawaii and a sacred pachydermal pilgrimage to Thailand. She loves to help others find their own “feel good” so they can live courageously and enthusiastically. She lives in northern Minnesota. Visit her website to learn more about Sarah’s work.
                           What is a shamanic journey? Sarah shares:

It’s something that must be experienced and not learned by listening to a lecture. Having a guide helps enormously.  This practice has helped  to live my life with courage and enthusiasm.

Journeying is a tool that is ancient and is powerful. It is a unique methodology for connecting to benevolent and compassionate spirits for support, for healing and for guidance. Many of the people and clients who I have shared this work with find that it’s something they return to again and again. It’s wonderfully simple and can be done anywhere via a pair of ear-buds and an mp3 player:)

A shamanic journey is a specialized meditation of sorts- a guided/structured  visit to the spirit worlds, where negative energy can be cleared and your soul uplifted and empowered. It is also a method for seeking guidance and assistance.  It is a method for having a direct revelation or connection with the divine/the Universe/God/spirit/The Creator.

This work has been used for millennia for both personal work and as a method to provide healing to others.   Throughout history, Shamans have gone on journeys to act as a conduit to restore individuals (and communities) to balance and wholeness.  Warning: You may find it so delicious and uplifting that you will be curious to know more!

What you will need:

  • An open heart/mind.

  • A quiet, comfy place to sit undisturbed for 90 minutes.

  • A scarf or bandana.

  • A headset (or speakerphone)- so you can listen (hands-free) to the drumming.

  • A journal or notebook to record your discoveries.

  • Access to Zoom.
  • Agreement to maintain confidentiality of any material a participant might share, and to come with an attitude of respect.


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