Sheltering in Place with Free Meditation and Yoga Classes

ZOOM Sessions: Respecting physical social distance while increasing our meaningful connection.

Join me and others as we nourish ourselves with the gentle power of the practices we love- together.

Two Weekly Class Options:

  1. Tuesday 8:30-9:30 AM, SunMoon Yoga (gentle, accessible meditation and yoga for anyone). Zoom meeting ID# 840126785
  2. Thursday 7:30-8:30 PM, Yoga Nidra (deeply relaxing guided meditation/body scan done while reclining. Great for stress relief and to prepare for pleasant sleeping.) Zoom Meeting ID # 341972279


Download the free app called Zoom ( ahead of time.

When it’s time for class, with your Zoom app open, enter our space using Meeting ID# 840126785 for SunMoon Yoga on TuesdayAM. For Yoga Nidra on Thursday PM, use Zoom Meeting ID #341972279.

Email me with questions or to try it out with me a day or more before class ([email protected]).

Option to invite others who may be interested, and to subscribe to this website to receive direct updates on offerings.

At class time, find your “mute” button at the bottom left of your Zoom screen to block out ambient noise. Un-mute to speak.

We’ll breathe through this time together, sheltering in the refuge of our open hearts as life unfolds, moment by moment. 

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